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This website is dedicated to Business Intelligence.  Even more specifically it is dedicated to Business Intelligence for Contractors and Enterprises supporting these contractors.


We are a boutique marketing agency that works exclusively with contractors.  We started building dashboards in order to make the process of us helping our clients better.  We were data-driven.  We found out that our clients should also have access to their dashboards and data.  Things have evolved over the years and now we are getting the most out of our dashboards.  We are creating actionable data that, in addition to helping us, has also allowed our clients to save over $1MM by not having to run PPC ads.


While working with our clients we have developed processes and tools that we can use to more easily help multiple clients from the same organization.  This allows organizations that have franchisees or dealers to more easily benefit from business intelligence.

Business Intelligence is the process that a company can use to identify, collect, store, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data to improve their business.
For contractors, this means that analyzing specific data related to their business can improve their business. These improvements can be in marketing, sales, operations, and overall efficiencies and effectiveness.
A business intelligence strategy relies on bringing all valuable data into one central dashboard with visualizations that improve the analysis process.

It all depends on what your goals are. Various data can be used to help you achieve many different goals. We have used BI to help contractors:
1. Generate more leads from their website
2. Increase quality of leads generated
3. Increase revenue per sale
4. Eliminate reliance on PPC ads
5. Improve profitability

The data that should be used is dependent on several factors, including your goals. Typically, at a minimum, contractors should be using lead data, sales data, including revenue, website traffic data (Google Analytics), Google organic ranking data, and search data (most valuable searches). This data set will allow contractors to receive benefits related to marketing and sales.

Not for us. We have years of experience in helping contractors leverage business intelligence. We understand how to determine what data to use and pull it into a dashboard. We know how to visualize and analyze the data in ways that make it actionable.

Not for our contractor clients. In most cases, our business intelligence pays for itself just from the savings our clients experience from being able to eliminate their PPC ads. We have eliminated the need for PPC ads for 100% of our clients. One of our clients used to spend $7k per month on ads. Now they pay $0 for ads. We’ve saved them over $700k in total. That is just their savings. We’ve helped them increase their sales too!

There are a couple of ways. Firstly, you will have a dashboard. Your dashboard can be accessed by you 24/7/365. It is easy to visualize your results. Secondly, you will notice an impact on your business with lead flow and your sales pipeline. This illustrates the benefit of having one central dashboard. All data can easily be visualized and analyzed in one central place.


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