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We have helped many contractors leverage data and business intelligence.  We have built processes and tools that make it easier for us to help contractors that are part of a group.  If you have dealers or franchisees and you would like to help them let us know.  If you rely on them to figure things out themselves they will not.  

Most of our processes for enterprise clients are turnkey.  It has to be that way.  We have worked with several large groups and understand how things work.  Often, companies are so busy running their businesses that they do not have time to focus on new things like business intelligence.

We can help your group leverage data!

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We can help you make it easier for all companies in your organization.

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  • Dealers
  • Franchisees
  • Contractors Groups
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We are an approved vendor for United Aqua Group for the US, Canada, and Australia.

(Vendor J600) JP Innovation

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We would like to discuss how we can help your enterprise benefit from business intelligence data.