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We built some business intelligence dashboards for pool builders

You can preview the data for each market.  Just click on the market that interests you.  For each market, you can subscribe to that data.  The data is updated every day.  It shows how the top 11 companies rank compared to their competitors.  If you subscribe you even receive a breakdown for each search term.

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We are a UAG approved vendor for the US, Canada, & Australia.

JP Innovation Inc (J600)

We have been helping pool-related companies for over 10 years.  Years ago we found that if we could leverage various data we could help our pool contractor clients achieve some amazing marketing results. We helped our oldest client eliminate their need for PPC ads.  This has saved them over $700k!  We were able to do this by identifying and targeting the most valuable searches for them.  In their case, these were searches being done by people who were looking to hire a pool builder.

Fast forward 10 years and we have had some incredible marketing results for other pool contractor clients.  In 2017 we were approved as a marketing vendor for the United Aqua Group for the US, Canada, and Australia.  We have now helped several pool contractors dominate their markets by helping them outrank their competitors for the most valuable searches.  All of them have been able to eliminate their needs for PPC ads.  That’s right.  All of our pool-related clients are now paying $0 for PPC ads.

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We can build a custom dashboard for you. 
Your competitors. Your most valuable searches.  Your rankings.

Updated daily.

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"I would definitely recommend Jim Oborny and JP Innovation as a data analyst and marketing consultant. He has provided a high level of service, and definitely thinks outside the box. He has a tenacious work ethic and is a pleasure to engage. If you are tired of the run around on SEO and website building, call him immediately."
Brad Cormack
Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living