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Your Business Intelligence on Pool Service

We are providing you with access to this data.  Just click on the metro area that you are interested in viewing.  You can even subscribe to the dashboard for each metro area.  Details are on each page.

Here are some dashboards for pool builders.  Let us know and we can create one for you which focuses on pool services.

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Creating Real, Measurable Results

The data in these various dashboards is actionable.  You could use this data to outrank your competitors for the most valuable searches!  You can subscribe to these dashboards and do it yourself or you can hire us for our turnkey marketing services.

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What information is included?

These prebuilt dashboards include 3 sections.  The data included can help you outrank your competitors.  We use data like this to help our marketing clients outrank their competitors.  The data is updated daily.  Some metro areas may not be available.  

Competitive Comparison

This data visualization compares pool builders in the market using 2 metrics: Avg Google Ranking & # of Searches They Show Up For.

Measured Metrics

Here we breakdown the metrics in an easy to read way for you and your competitors.  We include rankings, covered searches and growth.

Rankings by Search

This data is actionable.  You can see how you and your competitors rank for each of the most valuable searches.  You can even download the search terms.

Does this data help?  Hear it from a pool builder.

We are a UAG approved vendor for the US, Canada & Australia.

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We can build a custom dashboard specifically for you!

Using This Data to Create Real Results

The image below is a screenshot from one of our pool builder clients.  When they first came to use they were spending $6k per month on PPC (pay-per-click) ads and they were not happy with the quality of the leads that they were generating.  In 2018 they spent $72k on PPC ads and generated 194 leads from their website.  They partnered with us on January 1, 2019.  We turned off all of their PPC ads.  We launched a new, highly-optimized website.  We used the data in their dashboard.  In 2019 they generated 743 leads from their website.  $0 spent on PPC ads.  That is a 283% increase!  In 2020, while continuing to make improvements with data from their dashboard, they generated 1996 leads from their website.  That’s a 168% increase!  $0 spent on PPC ads.  

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