Pool Builder Business Intelligence Data - Chicago

The business intelligence data in this dashboard includes data related to pool builders in the Chicago, IL area. We researched the Chicago, IL area for pool builders.  We identified the top pool builders as well as the most valuable searches, with Google, for pool builders in the Chicago, IL area.  The most valuable searches are the searches being done by people in the Chicago area who have the intent to hire a pool builder.  We are tracking 2 metrics for each pool builder: their organic rank for each search and whether or not they show up for each search.  The data is being updated daily.  If you subscribe to this dashboard you will have access to the list of most valuable searches and the rankings for each pool builder.

What a pool builder says

Pool Builders Chicago 

Companies Compared
Searches Ranked

Companies Included in Research:

Platinum Pool
Barrington Pools
AquaOne Pools
Rosebrook Pools, Inc.
Downes Swimming Pool Company
Aqua Pools, Inc
Sunset Pools and Spas, Inc.
KD Poolscapes
Clear Water Pools
Lifestyle Concepts Inc
Quantus Pools

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You can be the only pool builder to have access to the full dashboard for this metro area.  Exclusive access starts at $3k per month and is limited to 1 company per area.  Available on a first-come basis.

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Are you a pool builder in the Chicago metro area?

If you are you can use the business intelligence data in this dashboard to outrank your competitors.

We use data like this to help our pool builder clients outrank their competitors.  If this dashboard is Not Available it means that we are working with one of the pool builders in Chicago already.  In fact, you can even see which one we are working with.  It is the one in the dashboard above that is highlighted.  We will only provide our marketing services to one type of contractor in each metro area at a time.  We don’t want to compete against ourselves.  It would be unfair to our clients.  

Want to dominate the searches for pool builders in Chicago?

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We’ve helped pool builders leverage business intelligence data to improve their marketing results.  One of the benefits of having a business intelligence dashboard is the fact that various things can be measured and visualized in your dashboard.  Some of our pool builders marketing clients even have their lead and sales data (CRM) integrated with their dashboard.  Much of the data is even real-time!  If you subscribe to one of our dashboards you will have the actionable data that can help you generate amazing results.  We’ve used the data to help pool builders outrank their competitors and eliminate the need for PPC ads.

“Our Business Intelligence Data is Actionable & Measurable”