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Business Intelligence Data for Contractors - Dashboard Demo

The dashboards that we create for contractors include actionable data which can be used by you to outrank your competitors for the most valuable searches for your business.  What are the “most valuable searches”?  They are the searches being done by people who have the intent to hire a contractor like you.

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We have helped numerous contractors improve their marketing and sales by understanding and leveraging business intelligence data.

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You and your competitors.  The most valuable searches for you.

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We’ve helped contractors leverage business intelligence data to improve their marketing results.  One of the benefits of having a business intelligence dashboard is the fact that various things can be measured and visualized in your dashboard.  Some of our marketing clients even have their lead and sales data (CRM) integrated with their dashboard (which requires additional customization).  Much of the data is even real-time!  If you get your own dashboard you will have the actionable data that can help you generate amazing results.  We’ve used the data to help contractors outrank their competitors and eliminate the need for PPC ads.

“Our Business Intelligence Data is Actionable & Measurable”