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Figuring out what data to include in your dashboard is important.  You need to think about it.  Ideally, you want data that helps your business in some way.  For example, something that we always include in our client dashboards is ranking data for the most valuable searches.  We include Google organic rankings for our client and their competitors for the most valuable searches.  We even break the data down so we can see how our client ranks for each search.  We then use that data to make SEO edits and help our client outrank their competitors.

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What data
would help you?

We can work with you to determine what data would benefit you.

  • Lead & sales data
  • Google Analytics data
  • Other custom data

Working Demo (Live Data)

We have not included the “Rankings by Search” data.  This is actionable and allows you to target the most valuable searches.
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With Valuable Data

The key to business intelligence and data is to understand that data is more than just a way to measure results.  You really get the most out of data when you understand how to create actionable data.  In our contractor dashboards, we focus on the data related to the most valuable searches for each contractor.

Being able to measure and visualize various data increases the value of the data.  The problem that most contractors have is that they do not understand the data because it is in too many different places.  We consolidate data into one central dashboard which makes it easier to use.

We use our dashboards to create results that our clients can see in their dashboards.  For example, we always include data related to the most valuable searches for each client.  Their most valuable searches are those which are being done by people with the intent to hire a contractor.  We use this data to help them outrank their competitors and generate higher-quality leads.

Hear a Contractor Discuss
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Business Intelligence Data & Dashboards
for Contractors

We have prebuilt dashboards and data for some contractors.
We can also create custom dashboards for you.