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Business Intelligence Dashboards for Pool Builders

We have been helping pool builders improve their marketing.  We have been using dashboards to help us make improvements.  This is especially true when it comes to SEO for pool builders.  All of our pool builder clients were spending money on PPC ads when they hired us.  Now none of them are.  They are saving a cumulative amount of $16K+ per month!

So now people can hire us to help them or, if they want they can access the same data that we are using.  Learn about our dashboards here.

Here’s the catch.  Our clients are given preference.  If we have a client in any metro area we will take any others.  Additionally, we will not make the data available to any metro areas if we have a client there.  It wouldn’t be right.

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Competitive Comparison

This section of the dashboard shows how the pool builders in this metro area compare to their competitors based on 2 metrics: Avg Google Organic Rank & #of Covered Searches.

Details of Data

This section breaks down the data.  It shows how each company ranks for the most valuable searches.

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Rankings by Search

We researched the most valuable searches for each metro area.  The most valuable searches are those being done by people with the intent of hiring a pool builder. 
This data is actionable!

Data in these dashboards are available via subscriptions.

Metro Areas
Searches Tracked


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