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We Offer a Wide Variety of Business Intelligence Services

Our consulting services are not predefined.  We base all of our consulting services on the needs of our clients.  If you need assistance with business intelligence and marketing we can help.  

We have helped many contractors eliminate their need for PPC ads.  Contractors can eliminate their PPC ads while increasing their high-quality website traffic.  If done properly, by using data, you can make your company more profitable by employing our business intelligence strategies.  The general principal is to collect the right data and make it actionable.  We do this by identifying and targeting the most valuable searches for each contractor.  The most valuable searches for you are the searches being done by people with the intent to hire a contractor like you.  We’ve got this down to a science and it works, measurably.

We provide consulting services for:


  • Contractors
  • Groups of Contractors
  • Enterprise Clients

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// Measurable results

We don't
send you useless reports

We take the guesswork out of achieving results.  You have 24/7/365 access to your dashboard.  You can have data visualizations that matter to you.  What do you want to track?  We can integrate your dashboard with your CRM and other valuable data.